A.I.O.L. G. Verdi - Accademia Internazionale dell'Opera Lirica G. Verdi

Direzione Artistica: Carlo Palleschi

Sede Legale
Strada Colli di Valenza 39, 05100 Terni (TR)
Tel. +39 0744 288116 / +39 349 8706515
E-mail info@accademialiricaverdi.org

The Academy

who we are

The Accademia internazionale dell'Opera Lirica “G. Verdi” is a high artistic institution promoted by the cultural non-profit association "UMBRIA MUSICA".
The main purpose is to offer a contribution to the artistic and professional growth of young professional opera singers, conductors, choir directors and pianists through study and deepening of the many technical aspects of interpretative art music under the guidance of artists and teachers of the absolute level and clear international fame.
The educational activities will be complemented by executive experiences that allow young artists to perform in concerts both publicly and in productions of operas to be able to test and consolidate the results achieved during the course of study.
The academy also will take the necessary steps to obtain for deserving students more contacts and hearings at institutions lyric-symphonic concert and institutions both in Italy and abroad.